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Shelf Companies Incorporation

Price : Starting from HKD3,500 or HKD5,000 onwards:

Ready Made Shelf Companies including: 

(1) Business Registration Fee

(a) Pre-registered within 1/4/16 ~ 31/3/17 HKD250,

(b) after 1/4/17 inclusive HKD2,250

(2) Company Registry Processing Fee HKD1,720.


Tailor Made HK Companies Incorporation

Price : Starting from HKD5,250 onwards:

  1. BR Fee HKD2,250,

  2. Company Registry Process Fee HKD1,720,

  3. Company Kit set in green box x 1

  1. Memorandum of Articles X 20 set,

  2. Company seal and round chop x 1


Company Secretary Service

Price : Starting from HKD500 onwards:

  1. Filing of Annual Return,

  2. Change of Director/Shareholders particulars,

  3. Change of Registered Address. 

  4. Others service according to Co-Sec fee schedule


Bookkeeping, Reports & Audit Arrangement

Price : Starting from HKD500 onwards

  1. Sorting and pre-numbering all Payments, Receipts, Purchase, Sales, Petty Cash, Journals vouchers;

  2. Input to computerized accounting system for ease of retrieval, reporting, auditing purpose.


Taxation Compliance and Advisory

Price : Starting from HKD500 onwards

  1. Corporation Profit Tax computation,

  2. Filing of tax return to IRD,

  3. Lodging of Tax Objection,

  4. Application of Tax Holdover,

  5. Application of tax return extension,

  6. Filing of Personal/Salary Tax Return,


Winding Up and De-registration

Price : From HKD1,000 onwards

  1. Winding Up - Members Voluntary Winding up

  2. De-registration

    1. Never commence business since incorporation;

    2. or has ceased business over 3 months before the application;

    3. All members agreed,

    4. No liabilities


Computer System & Networking Setup

Price : From HKD2,500 onwards

  1. Implementation of Xero Accounting, Xero Migration, WorkflowMax,  TSheets, ERP, HR, ACCOUNTS, CRM, POS, MEMBERSHIP, NETWORKING system.

  2. Maintenance of Server and Networking Firewalls;


ISO 9001 System Consultancy

Price : From HKD5,000 onwards

We have experience in leading our client to implement the ISO 9001-2000 QMS and successfully certified:

  1. We can conduct training course for each department in how to define their own objective, how to measure their objective, ways to accomplish their objectives, methods of continuous improvement to achieve objectives;

  2. We can also conduct periodical testing of each departmental ISO system documentations whether matching the ISO requirements;

  3. We will also report to the top management the status of each departments and which areas of the system that require special attention.

  4. We will conduct the whole ISO certification process as a consultant role and service fee will be negotiable according to the scope of the ISO system defined by the client.


Price :  From HKD2,000 onwards

We have solid experience in implementation of Xero Accounting for different companies from different trades and industries such as:

1) Internet On-Line Sales in eBay, Amazon,

2) Food and Catering services,

3) Charity Organisations,

4) Educational Institutes from different sectors,

5) Professionals & Advisory Services,

6) Insurance services, 

Other Co-Sec Fees Schedule (Subject to change )
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